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President launches clinical trials for UBV-01N covid-19 drug


President Yoweri Museveni has launched Uganda’s first Clinical Trials for UBV-01N, a covid-19 treatment drug a home grown Natural Covid-19 treatment drug product innovated and developed by Ugandan Scientists in collaboration with the Ministry of Health Uganda, Makerere University School of Public Health and Mulago Hospital among other stakeholders.

A major breakthrough in the fight against the Corona Virus, the President congratulated the Ugandan scientists involved in the innovation, pledging to prioritise scientists in his next term of office.

The President said that Ugandans must work towards building an independent Uganda, which does not depend on outsiders.

“We shall not accept dependency. You must build an independent Uganda. We are working on the vaccine and treatment by ourselves,” he said.

Speaking at the launch, Mr. Museveni said that it is now time for Uganda to build the capacity of self-dependency for its scientists and stop running to foreigners for help all the time.

President Museveni congratulated Ugandan scientists for coming up with the treatment for Covid-19, which he says will bring smiles to Ugandan patients.

“This term of office, one of my seven priorities will be to ensure that scientists are well paid. Even if we don’t have money, our scientists must get enough pay,” he said.

The President warned against the un-necessary procurement procedures and corruption tendencies for such very important and urgent procurement cases.

“There are some parasites doing business in the name of procurements but also a lot of corruption in the so called financial controls. The law of procurement should only work for beans but not serious procurement like this one,” Museveni said.

Since March 2020, Uganda has been battling COVID-19. There are 39,188 confirmed COVID-19 cases, with 433 active cases and 318 deaths. To date, there is no confirmed COVID-19 treatment.

The Minister of Health Hon. Dr Jane Ruth Aceng said that the trial will also validate content standardization, and replication after which, it will be rolled out for industrial production and wide spread use.

“The product has already gone through quality assurance steps and got all the necessary certificates and approval for use in human beings. The product has been approved by the National Drug Authority (NDA), Uganda National Bureau of Standards and National Council of Science and Technology,” Dr. Aceng said.

Dr. Jane Ruth Acheng revealed that the findings and the outcome of the studies that they are doing and continue to do, will be shared with the whole nation from time to time. She commended the President and Ugandans who have been observing the Covid-19 SOPs.

“I want to thank President Museveni for observing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) before, during and after his campaigns. That was great of you as a leader.” She said.

The presidential advisor on epidemics, Dr. Monica Musenero, said that the group has worked with the Natural chemotherapeutic research institute (NCRI) to produce Natural chemotherapeutic products to treat viral and bacterial infections.

“I want to thank the team and we are looking forward to more innovative natural products that will make the country proud,” Dr. Musenero said.

The vaccine/treatment will be administered to 128 male and female patients who will present Covid-19 symptoms to analyze and validate the safety of this natural product anticipated to have antiviral, anti- inflammatory and immunological ability.

In April 2020, President Museveni formed a Presidential Scientific Initiative on Epidemics (PRESIDE) aimed at supporting scientific research, ideas and innovation to prevent and manage epidemics and their impacts in the areas of vaccine, treatment, therapeutics and Diagnostics.