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Establishment of the National Service Program as a key NDP III intervention under Governance and Security Program.30th October,2023

Establishment of the National Service Program as a key NDP III intervention under Governance and Security Program.30th October,2023

 The Office of the President is championing efforts for the Establishment of the National Service program as a key  NDP 111 intervention under Governance and Security Program.


In a proactive effort to foster a stronger sense of national identity and unity, the Office of the President through the Inter-Ministerial committee headed by Brigadier General Patrick Mwesigye organized a two days consultative workshop centered around the theme of "National Values." The workshop brought together a diverse group of participants, ranging from educators and civic leaders to policymakers.


The event, which took place at Office of the President headquarters  in the heart of the nation's capital, Kampala aimed to address the crucial role that national values play in the development and progress of a society. The committee recognizes the shared values and a collective understanding of what it means to be a responsible citizen are essential for promoting social cohesion and a sense of belonging among the citizenry.


During the workshop, participants engaged in thought-provoking discussions and collaborative activities that delved deep into the concept of national values. They explored the idea of values as a unifying force that transcends individual differences and contributes to the overall well-being of Uganda.


Key topics discussed during the workshop included the identification of core national values, their promotion within educational curricula, and strategies to instill these values in the younger generation. Participants also examined the ways in which these values can guide public policies and foster a sense of shared responsibility for the betterment of the nation.


One of the notable aspects of the workshop was the inclusion of various perspectives, ensuring a well-rounded and inclusive dialogue on national values. This diversity of viewpoints enriched the discussions, shedding light on the multiplicity of values that contribute to the nation's tapestry.


The  committee’s consultative workshop on national values exemplifies the organization's commitment to promoting patriotism and responsible citizenship. By facilitating discussions and collaboration on this crucial topic, the committee aims to contribute to a stronger, more unified, and resilient society. This event serves as a stepping stone in the ongoing dialogue about the NATIONAL SERVICE PROGRAM which will help in navigating  the complexities of the modern world. The outcomes of this workshop are expected to inform future initiatives and policies that will further solidify these values as the bedrock of the nation's identity and progress

The Inter-Ministerial committee comprises of the following members: Office of the President, Ministry of public service, Ministry of defense and veteran affairs,Ministry of gender labor and social development, directorate of ethics and integrity,Ministry of education and sports and National Planning  Authority..