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Message from the Secretary, Office of the Preident

Haji.Yunus Kakande
The Secretary, Office of the President


I wish to warmly welcome you to the Office of the President’s official Website. This Website is our virtual gateway to interact and enhance communication flow with our Stakeholders.  It is thus expected of all our stakeholders to maintain a two way traffic wherein you continuously engage us on matters of service delivery that are under our docket. We therefore welcome constant feedback and suggestions for greater customer satisfaction.

Office of the President’s official Website defines the different services provided by the Entity. It spells out the Entity’s Vision, Mandate, Strategic objectives and responsibilities to its clientele. On this “virtual highway” you, as an important stakeholder and visitors, will be introduced to our operations, functions and values. In this discourse, you will be further brought to speed on the upcoming events; our past Programs in the Gallery as well as highlights of the day to day activities of the Office.

The above notwithstanding, the Office of the President is a Ministry which is part of the wider Presidency and is responsible for the OVERSIGHT function by way of providing overall leadership in Public Policy management and good governance.  The oversight role is exercised through:

·        Providing technical support to Cabinet in the discharge of its Constitutional role of determining and formulating Government Policy for National Development.

·     Monitoring the implementation of NRM Manifesto Commitments by all Ministries, Department and Agencies and thus produce and disseminate progress reports thereof.

·  Monitoring the implementation of programmes and projects particularly those to enhance household incomes and improve the quality of life of all Ugandans both at Central and Local Government level.

·        Enhancing security and good neighborliness for National Development.

·        Chairing the self Coordinating entities the multi Agencies response against the HIV/AIDs.

·        Mobilizing and sensitizing masses (through RDCs) for National development processes.

Once again, I welcome you to this Website. Please share with us your feedback or suggestions for improvement.


Haji Kakande Yunus